Monday, October 13, 2008

Confessions of a Scrapbooker

With scrapbooking comes lots of sorting pictures. When I was photographing in film I would scrapbook almost every picture I took. With digital photography I take so many more pictures (the cost of film and developing is irrelevant now). I no longer scrapbook every picture so sorting through them is a task. I have to decide which ones NOT to put in my albums. Now if you scrapbook like I do everything has to be in chronological order.

(Now comes the confession...) I am way behind. I am almost current with this year however, the last family album I completed was 2002. I am working my way backwards. When I get caught up with my 2008 album I put it aside and work on 2007.

While sorting through my 2007 pictures I came to when we went to Popham last year. I found this picture of Savannah and had to share it.
It was a cold day and she still went in the water. She loved to jump the waves!


Joanna Campbell Slan said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. More than 25 years ago, my nephew died in a freak accident. Right before Joshua died, he and I were on a beach together and we saw a double rainbow. "Aunt Jonie," he said, "where does the rainbow go?" I told him that the rainbow is, relly, always there, it's just that we can't always see it. I think he was preparing me for losing him--because he is always here, I just...can't...quite... see him.

Megan and Sean said...

A pictures worth a thousand words, huh?

Marie said...

Absolutely beautiful!

There must have been something wrong with that girl's circulation, though, dang I'd've froze!!

Memories by Melissa Photography said...

Mind you this pictures was taken in the middle of September!!!

Heather said...

Hey there. I am glad you have a blog up. I read something the other day and thought of you. I would like to email it to you. Also, I have questions about getting some 'surprise' portraits done of the girls and I for Jacob. Shoot me an email with your email. Thanks

Bridget said...

Your weekend to get caught up with your scrapbooks looks like it went so well. The pages you posted look so great. I love the quotes you used.

This photo of Savannah and the wave is fabulous.