Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pumpkin Carving

Well, we have been crazy a wreck MIA busy lately. I have been up to my eyeballs with work but so emotional I haven't been able to focus on it. Brian's company has been offering overtime lately(something they never do) and has been putting in 65+ hours a week. He had almost 2 months off from work after Savannah died, now we are trying to catch up.

He was supposed to go in tonight but Kiara, Donovan and I asked him to stay home with us (Thurs. and Fri. are his usual days off). Kiara, who hasn't really cried for Savannah since the funeral was really upset last night. She wanted her whole family together right now. Then she was upset because she didn't want Mommy to die before her, she said she would be too sad and that she wanted to die first. I told her I didn't think I could bear losing another child. We snuggled, cried and turned the lights off in her room so we could see the glow-in-the dark stars Savannah wanted on the ceiling (to remind her of Space Mountain).

We decided to spend the evening as a family, we went shopping for pumpkins and EVERYONE was out, we finally found smalls ones at a little local grocery store.
We spent the evening carving the pumpkins. Donovan needed a little help with his but Kiara carved hers all by herself. Lady spent the evening with us too, Kiara asked if she could take her to the store with us and then she sat on the table the whole time and watched.

Brian decided to be sentimental with his pumpkin and carved a princess on his and then wrote a message to Savannah on the back. We are going to take it up to the cemetery tomorrow for her.

Kiara picked out my design, it is supposed to be a mask. Kiara made hers with complete eyebrows, rosy cheeks and a chin. Donovan wanted his to have it's tongue suck out. They were so excited to have Daddy home. It was a great evening.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Vocabulary Lesson

When we went to Florida last November every time we saw a crocodile or an alligator this is what Donovan would say...

If you didn't catch that he said "croco-lator."

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

All Boy!!!

My girls are very easy going. They love to play and it is very girly. They love girly movies, girly makeup, girly dress up and anything else girly you could think of.

Donovan on the other hand is ALL BOY! He loves all things boy; trucks, cars, and much to my chagrin guns and bow & arrows.

Papa Jon loves to hunt and was getting ready for his caribou hunting trip in Canada. He asked if we would let Donovan pull the trigger if he was holding onto the gun. He LOVED it!!! He also got a HUGE lecture about gun safety and only touching them if Papa Jon was holding it with him.

Monday Donovan and I went to see Beka and Danny and to look at their wedding pictures. While Beka and Marilyn, her mother, and I looked at the pictures Danny played with Donovan. They went outside to play with Dristy, the dog, they had great fun ringing the doorbell and running (you know, typical boy stuff). Danny came in and asked if it was ok for Donovan to be with him while he shot his bow & arrow. Donovan loved putting balloons on the target and having Danny pop them. Can't you just imagine the look on Donovan's face watching Danny with that big bow & arrow? He was very excited to hold the quiver with the extra arrows in it.

(We had been to the fire station that same day with Donovan's pre-k class. He loves that fireman's hat.)

Monday, October 13, 2008

Confessions of a Scrapbooker

With scrapbooking comes lots of sorting pictures. When I was photographing in film I would scrapbook almost every picture I took. With digital photography I take so many more pictures (the cost of film and developing is irrelevant now). I no longer scrapbook every picture so sorting through them is a task. I have to decide which ones NOT to put in my albums. Now if you scrapbook like I do everything has to be in chronological order.

(Now comes the confession...) I am way behind. I am almost current with this year however, the last family album I completed was 2002. I am working my way backwards. When I get caught up with my 2008 album I put it aside and work on 2007.

While sorting through my 2007 pictures I came to when we went to Popham last year. I found this picture of Savannah and had to share it.
It was a cold day and she still went in the water. She loved to jump the waves!

Saturday, October 11, 2008


There are all kinds of therapy. My favorite kind is scrapbooking. I have immersed myself in my pictures since Savannah's passing. I have scrapbooked approximately 80 pages since her funeral. With all of the pictures I take my family album for the year has been divided in half (Jan.-June and July-Dec.) I have completed the first book of the year and am well into the second.

Marie, Nicki, Christine and I have gone for weekends to scrapbooking retreats with lots of other scrapbookers. We get lots done and have a so much fun. I have invited my sister, who also loves to scrapbook, to come along with us but for one reason or another she has been unable to go. This fall we have been invited to 2 different retreats unfortunately neither one of them work with any of our schedules.

Maine Children's Cancer Program has available to families who are affiliated with them a cabin to use. It is provided by a family, who had a child with cancer, for other families in our same circumstances to use as a get-away. Fortunately for us it close to where we live. I called yesterday to see if we could use it for a weekend to get away and scrapbook. We will be going in a couple of weeks and I can't wait. Megan will be joining us as well as Nicki's sister Betsey.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Missing our Savannah

Today has been a rather hard day. Two months ago today our sweet angel returned to heaven.

I miss her love.

I miss her laughter.

I miss her smile.

I miss her grumpy face.

I miss her hugs.

I miss her kisses.

I miss her voice.

I miss her snuggles.

I miss her smell.

I miss her pinkie promises.

I miss being in the hospital with her.

I miss changing her dressing.

I miss flushing her tubes.

I miss her bald head.

I miss her cold feet.

I miss her hands.

I miss her jokes.

I miss her singing.

I miss her sillyness.

I miss HER!