Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"Sissy Sunset"

I was awoken this morning by a very happy 4 year old at 5 am. OK, first of all my kids don't crawl out of bed until at least 7 and they are not usually very excited. Donovan tapped my chin and said "Mommy, Sissy is pink in the sky. It's a Savannah Sunset!!" When I mumble that was great and tired to go back to sleep he proceeded to pull me out of bed to show me the "Sissy Sunset."

He tried taking me to the room that he and Kiara have been sharing since Savannah died but I convinced him to go into his room so as to not wake Kiara. (I wanted to go back to bed.) We opened the curtain in his room and he had the BIGGEST grin on his face. He pointed to the sky and continued to say, "It's a Sissy Sunset!!" I corrected him and told him it was a sunrise and he didn't care, he was just so happy it was pink. He blew her a kiss and told her he loved her.

Last night he was really missing her and I told him to ask Heavenly Father to let him see Savannah in his dreams. He did and was much happier. I know that Heavenly Father hears our prayers and answers them. I am so grateful that Donovan was able to recognize the beauty of that sunrise and know that Heavenly Father answered his prayers. He didn't say whether or not he dreamed of her, but he knew she was in that pink sunrise just for him.

If I had been a little more coherent I probably would have pulled my camera out to take a picture, however it is rare for me to be coherent before 7 am.

I do have a few sunrise pictures that are pink, this picture was taken in July of 2007 when I was at the hospital with Savannah. Beka had come into Savannah's room early to check her vital signs (I think), I happened to be awake (I didn't sleep well at the hospital), she said if I wanted to bring my camera the sunrise was going to be beautiful. We went and sat in the teen room for 15 minutes and watched it unfold. It was absolutely beautiful. We found out later that it would have been Mallory's 2oth birthday. Mallory was an AML patient who usually had the room next to Savannah at the hospital, she died early that year in February. Savannah frequently shared her pink fluff with Mallory.