Monday, October 11, 2010

Hair's to Love!!

So... Kiara has been asking for a while to cut her hair.
I haven't wanted to because I love her beautiful long hair and truthfully she does too. She just really hates having it brushed. Her hair was about an inch below her bottom. I was only going to trim it to just above her bottom, about 5 inches, and I was coerced into cutting more. So we decided if we were going to cut it we would at least donate it. It really took me about 5 mintues before I could actually make the first cut. She was so excited and I was crying! It is still long but just not as long as it was. It was worth it just because I know she loves it. So I guess I can push my feelings aside for hers. I'm just jealous, when I was her age, my hair was short and I wanted it long so bad. It was actually short and permed, I looked like orphan Annie.
We have been looking online for a place that will actually give the wigs to girls undergoing chemotherapy. I'm going to call Maine Children's Cancer Program tomorrow and see who they recommend.