Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Visiting Savannah

Last Wednesday marked 8 months since Savannah left us. It was a really hard day for me. We have frequently driven to the cemetery and just look way out across the snow to where we could see her pink christmas tree and her kissing ball. The kids always yell from the car "I love you, Sissy" and blow her kisses.

We decided this time to venture into the cemetery. The snow is all gone in our yard so we figured it had to be pretty low at the cemetery. Well we got about half way to Savannah and started sinking in up to my knees. Well we were halfway there so we decided to go the rest of the way. We only stayed a few minutes, Donovan left his jacket in the car.

I started a very emotional journey Sunday night, I began scrapbooking the pictures of the last week of Savannah's life. I only completed one page but that was enough to start with. Marie had gone to bed, Nicki had to go home and Brian was at a meeting. I didn't want to cry in front of Bill, even though I know he could have handled it, so I stopped.

Brian works late each night so bedtime is usually just me. We read scriptures, have prayers and then go upstairs. I tuck the kids in, kiss them and turn out the light. There are glow in the dark stars on the ceiling that Savannah wanted there to always remind her of Space Mountain at Disney. I stand at the door and say "I love you, Kiara." Then she says, "I love you, Mommy." Then I say "I love you, Donovan." And he says, "I love you, Mommy." Then I say, "I love you, Savannah" and Kiara and Donovan say "We love you, Sissy." It has become such a part of our bedtime routine that Kiara said to me the other night after we finished, "Mommy, I was afraid you were going to forget to tell Savannah you loved her." I didn't realize how important it had become to her.

I love you, Kiara!
I love you, Donovan!
I love you, Savannah!

Monday, April 6, 2009

A Blast from the Past!

Someone very generously gave me 5 tickets to see New Kids on the Block at the Cumberland County Civic Center. I had heard they were back together and that they were touring but concert tickets were not a part of my budget.
I called my sisters, Megan and Anganette, I also called Nicki and Beth to see if they wanted to join me in going. I didn't even ask Marie, I knew she didn't like them and I wasn't going to torture her by making her come with us.

We had EXCELLENT seats! I couldn't bring my camera (nothing that looked professional was allowed in the auditorium). All of these pictures were taken with Nicki's camera, most of them came out really well. The videos we took were awful though, too much white noise.
I felt like a kid again. I knew I would like the concert, but I thought that would be it. We all (I think) had a blast. We were singing and dancing in the aisles. You could tell that they really enjoyed being back together again.
Now Nicki and I are having a little debate. See her favorite New Kid is Joey.
Mine is Jordan! This picture is a little blurry (the lighting wasn't ideal for taking pictures), but if you can't tell Jordan is looking at my camera!
They did almost all of their old songs and a few new ones too.
Realizing I am very happily married I am not the type of woman to post pictures of half-dressed men on my blog but I have to tell you something ironic. In the car on the way to Portland I was telling the rest of the girls about one of their concerts I went to when I was younger. Jordan came out on stage by himself to sing "Baby I Believe in You," he came out wearing a white button-up shirt that was unbuttoned with fans blowing on him throughout the song. Now being a teen and absolutely in love with Jordan that was the best part of that concert. Wasn't I surprised when he did it again (same dance moves and all).
Donnie is still the rebel. He was great (minus one thing two things I could have lived my entire life without seeing or hearing). Jon is still the quiet one and Danny is still break-dancing.
About half way through the show they walked down the aisle right in front of us. Event staff and body guards were all around them so they wouldn't get mobbed. They moved to a circular stage at the opposite end of the auditorium. Jordan played the piano for one song and I believe all of them had a turn at standing on top of this beautiful grand piano.
I still don't know quite what to think of Joey's gold shirt. It was a bit much for me!
Jordan and Joey both did some solo work when the group broke up 15 years ago. They both performed a few songs from those albums.
Donnie also did a couple of solos.
Before they came out to do the encores Megan leaned over to me and said "They missed a song." I said "They are not going to not sing "Hangin' Tough." (Did I confuse you with that one?) They came out and did 4 (I believe) encores, "Hangin' Tough" being one of them.
I realized why I like Jordan so much, he sings in my range, I have always loved his perfect pitched falsetto. I can sing everything he sings without having to go an octave higher like I do with most male singers. Men who can sing has always been a soft spot for me, especially tenors, it's a good thing Brian sings well (even if he is a baritone)!
It was a great night out for us Mom's (except Anganette, she like it too she's just not a mom yet). It was especially fun to see all of these 35-40 year old women going ga ga over these 35-39 year old men. (I still like my husband the best!)