Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Well, I am now back from the MPPA convention and it was awesome!!!! I went with the title "Love Clings to Life." I received an above average score (76) with the Red ribbon and the Purple ribbon is for a "Judges Choice Award." Each of the 6 judges is allowed to pick one print out of the whole competition (210 prints were entered) that is their favorite. The judge that chose my print is an affiliated judge, this means she is qualified to judge on a regional and national level; she is also the president of PPANE. Technically speaking my print is not great, but the emotion of it is what gave the print the above average status.
I was able to speak with a few of the judges about my print and share Savannah's story with them. Holly Howe, one of the judges, pointed out to me that even though it wasn't technically good it gave me the opportunity to share the story behind the picture which was obviously important to me. Craig Kienast , another judge, told me after hearing the story I should just change my 76 to a 96. Donna Goodhue, the judge that gave my print the purple ribbon, said the print was about the moment which she said I captured beautifully.

The overall event was a great learning opportunity for me, not just in the critique of my print but from the speakers as well. All I have done since arriving home is practice some of the texturing that Craig taught us, can you tell I photographed this picture on my couch? (I have never seen a man with that much energy!!!) I came home very inspired!!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Please Vote!!!!

OK, in no particular order these are the top 15. Please leave me a comment and vote for your favorite one, (if you are not signed up on blogger you may use the anonymous comment function, please just sign your name, I'd really love to know who you are.) And don't forget, your vote needs to be in by Friday!!!!
  1. Friendship: Above and Beyond

  2. On This Blessed Day, For You I Pray

  3. When Angels Touch

  4. (Wedding) Bells Ring; An Angel Earns Her Wings

  5. Angel's Embrace

  6. Holding Hands With an Angel

  7. A Cherished Moment

  8. A Cherished Love

  9. Holding An Angel in My Arms

  10. My Nurse; My Angel

  11. Love Clings to Life

  12. In Her Arms is an Angel

  13. Kindred Spirits

  14. For The Love of a Nurse

  15. For The Love of a Child

I had over 55 different suggestions and it took me more than an hour to narrow it down. Thank you everyone who submitted an idea, they were all very appreciated.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Title Help!!!

I am entering this print into a competition next week and would love help on finding a really great title. This is exactly how it will look printed (except, of course, the copyright across the middle). I want it to speak about Savannah, her strength, her spirit, her relationship with Beka. Any of these things would be fine, I want it to be a title that grabs the judges attention.

To give a little background, it was taken on Beka's wedding day, just 2 weeks before Savannah died, on the ride to where the wedding was taking place. Savannah was very tired and in some pain. She actually didn't feel strong enough to walk down the isle, so Daddy carried her, but being in Beka's wedding was so important to her.

When Beka asked if Savannah could be her flower girl and as I answered "yes, of course." the first thought that went through my mind was "if she is still here." I remember thinking "where in the heck did that come from?" I never voiced this concern because at the time Savannah was in remission and doing great, there was nothing to make us believe she wouldn't live a long life. I now know that the Holy Spirit was speaking to me and preparing me for what was to come.

I love this print!! I am ready for the critique (and possibly some criticism), I just want to share it. Thanks to Stacey, I think it is ready.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Jan 2nd we spent the day with my sister and her family. We decided to take the kids bowling. They had a GREAT time. Kiara asked if we could go with Auntie Moo Moo and her family again. Out of the 9 of us who played (Trew is still too little), Donovan got the highest score (68), Kiara was next (67) and Daddy was LAST (44). Needless to say we were all pretty excited. (Daddy is the competitive one in our bunch). The first thing he said to me as we were leaving was "Your going to blog this, aren't you?" I said "Absolutely!"