Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Well, I am now back from the MPPA convention and it was awesome!!!! I went with the title "Love Clings to Life." I received an above average score (76) with the Red ribbon and the Purple ribbon is for a "Judges Choice Award." Each of the 6 judges is allowed to pick one print out of the whole competition (210 prints were entered) that is their favorite. The judge that chose my print is an affiliated judge, this means she is qualified to judge on a regional and national level; she is also the president of PPANE. Technically speaking my print is not great, but the emotion of it is what gave the print the above average status.
I was able to speak with a few of the judges about my print and share Savannah's story with them. Holly Howe, one of the judges, pointed out to me that even though it wasn't technically good it gave me the opportunity to share the story behind the picture which was obviously important to me. Craig Kienast , another judge, told me after hearing the story I should just change my 76 to a 96. Donna Goodhue, the judge that gave my print the purple ribbon, said the print was about the moment which she said I captured beautifully.

The overall event was a great learning opportunity for me, not just in the critique of my print but from the speakers as well. All I have done since arriving home is practice some of the texturing that Craig taught us, can you tell I photographed this picture on my couch? (I have never seen a man with that much energy!!!) I came home very inspired!!!


Megan and Sean said...

Yea! Congrats!

Marie said...

OK, I would have thought it was hung against some fancy wall thing, those textures are awesome!

We are glad to have you back, we missed you!!

Leslie said...

Congrats on the photo contest! Your photograph is beautiful.

To wash the bags: I soak them in a tub full of oxi clean and then gently hand-scrub. To dry, hang/air dry & reshape the bottom rectangle as needed. Thanks for sending business my way :)

Anonymous said...

peanutI didn't get a chance to vote, but you picked the one I would have. When I look at this picture I see Savannah "she is surly truly LOVE"; and I see her with her Beka whom she clung to life to be sure she would be part of her day. And although she isn't physically here her love is and I believe she still is Love clinging to life, for if we never forget her she'll always be only a thought away.And love never dies, and life never ends maybe this earthly life, but not life. Still keeping you all in our prayers much love Cindy Gary Alyssa & Brandy

Kaity Hall said...


I don't know how much you follow other people's blogs (busy mom and all), but I just wanted to tell you (and anyone else who's interested) that I just posted a new blog entry and it's all about Savannah. I hope you enjoy it and please, everyone, leave feedback on my poem. I'm putting together a couple of anthologies for possible (eventual) publication, and this one will be included in one of them. One is mostly poems that have been inspired by people I love and have lost to cancer, most especially Savannah. I will be posting more when time allows.

Much love to all,


Anganette. EncourageOneAnother said...

Beutifull! Congrats and what did you end up using for the title.

Stinson Family said...


Katya Munz said...

Oh I'm soooo glad your picture won!!! The judges would have to be crazy not to choose such a beautiful picture!!! Congrats!!!