Monday, January 19, 2009

Please Vote!!!!

OK, in no particular order these are the top 15. Please leave me a comment and vote for your favorite one, (if you are not signed up on blogger you may use the anonymous comment function, please just sign your name, I'd really love to know who you are.) And don't forget, your vote needs to be in by Friday!!!!
  1. Friendship: Above and Beyond

  2. On This Blessed Day, For You I Pray

  3. When Angels Touch

  4. (Wedding) Bells Ring; An Angel Earns Her Wings

  5. Angel's Embrace

  6. Holding Hands With an Angel

  7. A Cherished Moment

  8. A Cherished Love

  9. Holding An Angel in My Arms

  10. My Nurse; My Angel

  11. Love Clings to Life

  12. In Her Arms is an Angel

  13. Kindred Spirits

  14. For The Love of a Nurse

  15. For The Love of a Child

I had over 55 different suggestions and it took me more than an hour to narrow it down. Thank you everyone who submitted an idea, they were all very appreciated.


crystalvoice said...

The two I like most is My Nurse; My Angel and Love Clings to Life. Good luck choosing!

Rachel Rivard said...

I vote for Angel's Embrace! I love this picture...what a moment. Big hugs!

Zarah said...

I love "My Nurse; My Angel," but I also like "On This Blessed Day, For You I Pray." They were all beautiful. I think about you guys a lot! Loves!

Zanna said...

I love all, but here are my two favorites.

On this day for you I pray (I think this is my favorite because I can visualize the mutual prayers of love Beka and Savannah had for each other sent and received)

2nd favorite is my nurse, my angel,

okay third favorite, angels embrace,

Good luck, the picture is so beautiful. Thanks too for your sweet words on Jenna's page.


nanette and becca said...

I LOVE #5 "wedding bells ring"
from Nanette

rbwt said...

On this blessed day, for you I pray., gets my vote. Melissa, you did capture Beka and Savannah beautifully. Thinking of you, randall thomas (max's mom)

Lynn and Leahannah said...

Of Course Im gonna vote for Friendship:Above and Beyond my Daughter and I wrote it! (Leahannah.) Thanks for our suggestion being picked! ~Lynn and Leahannah

Anonymous said...

I think "On This Blessed Day, For You I Pray" sums up the sentiment the best. It was a beautiful and meaningful day for many, many people. Best of luck, and love to you all!!
-Robyn G.

Marie said...

I'm going with #6. I wasn't going to vote, but it really is my favorite.

MelWhett said...

I vote for "Angel's Embrace". It's simple, yet it filled with meaning and emotion, much like the beautiful photograph."

Anonymous said...

Hey Melissa..Les and I say #10! Good luck and we are thinking of you..Wendy

Anonymous said...

Melissa, I like, "on this blessed day,for you I pray".. It is just beautiful and says it all.. Lisa Hurley

Tara said...

#3 - When Angels Touch

Laurie said...

Karl and I like "When Angels Touch"

Anonymous said...

Melissa, all are beautiful but for me "On this blessed day, for you I pray" sums it up best. It doesn't require anyone to know much about the relationship to appreciate it's meaning. Although the nurse one is beautiful, the picture alone does not indicate Beka is a nurse. It's so much more about that moment in time.

Jen Macomber said...

Our Family Favorite is "When Angels Touch" but my second choice would be "Holding An Angel In My Arms"--no matter what you choose this picture is an amazing tribute to Savannah and Beka's friendship and brings tears of joy everytime I look at it!!

Nicki said...

Okay, I really like "Angels Embrace," but I have to say that I love " Love Clings to Life" a lot more. Good luck. I'm glad I don't make the final decision.

jasmom14 said...

The one I like is My Nurse;My Angel. It shows the love that can't be bought. Best of Luck. Lorraine Barron

Lois said...

I vote for When Angels Touch

Megan and Sean said...

Oh, I don't know they're all so beautful. I like......Angel's Embrace. Or My Nurse; My Angel.

sqeako said...

Well now that you figured out who I am. I'm sorry for not signing my name, I forgot to do that. Anyway my favorite is Angel's Embrace.

Anonymous said...

I love " love clings to life "

Anonymous said...

In her arms is an Angel because Savannah is an angel i think you should pick this title because I really think it fits the picture nicely

Anonymous said...

"My Nurse; My Angel" just seems to show the relatioinship between Beka and Savannah, to add to the beauty in your photo they are dressed in such an angelic manner.

Kaity Hall said...

From my whole crew at work here's the score:

#2- 3
#5- 4
#10- 2
#11- 3
#12- 3

My vote is for #9 and Diane's is for #5.

When I explained the story behond the picture, absolutely EVERYONE in the office had to have a say! There wasn't a dry eye in the room when I told them Savannah's story, not even from my macho man boss, though he tried very hard to hide it. You know, "Allergies. *sniff sniff*" LOL.

Anonymous said...

I vote for "On this Blessed Day, For you I pray

Anonymous said...

I really can't pick one but I have to say it's such a beautiful photo. We'll have to visit next time we come up to Maine. I really love your work.