Thursday, October 22, 2009


It has been a while since I last posted and I have had so many things I have wanted to blog but I just can't seem to make the time. So here is my attempt to start blogging again.

About a week and a half ago Denisa taught the Relief Society how to make Carmel apples. Then yesterday we had her come to Young Women's and do it again. We had a wonderful time with the girls.

Well... I decided that for a family activity I wanted to make some. So as soon as the kids arrived home from school we went right to work. Since my hands were busy with the Carmel the camera didn't come out until we were just about done.Now if you know the Hurley family at all, you will know that any messy family activity like this must be made into an even bigger mess before we are truly done. (A favorite of ours is the whipped cream squirted in the mouth. We have lots of pictures of this.) Well since we were adding melted chocolate to our already too sweet apples we decided that everyone should have a little squirted into their mouths, except Mommy of course. As you can see Donovan LOVES this activity. The giggling was almost too much for me. Half way through Brian said we should have gotten out the video camera.And Brian still managed to get me with the white chocolate.
We used walnuts, Heath bits, mini M&M's, chopped up Reeses, and we even tried Nerds. (We'll let you know how that one tastes, I'm not too sure about it.) We drizzled milk and white chocolate. They look so yummy and I can't wait to have some, after supper of course.