Monday, October 11, 2010

Hair's to Love!!

So... Kiara has been asking for a while to cut her hair.
I haven't wanted to because I love her beautiful long hair and truthfully she does too. She just really hates having it brushed. Her hair was about an inch below her bottom. I was only going to trim it to just above her bottom, about 5 inches, and I was coerced into cutting more. So we decided if we were going to cut it we would at least donate it. It really took me about 5 mintues before I could actually make the first cut. She was so excited and I was crying! It is still long but just not as long as it was. It was worth it just because I know she loves it. So I guess I can push my feelings aside for hers. I'm just jealous, when I was her age, my hair was short and I wanted it long so bad. It was actually short and permed, I looked like orphan Annie.
We have been looking online for a place that will actually give the wigs to girls undergoing chemotherapy. I'm going to call Maine Children's Cancer Program tomorrow and see who they recommend.


Megan and Sean said...

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It still lookds really long! Way to go Kiara!

Bozie said...

she is so cute! that's exciting to donate such thick beautiful hair. i do remember you looking like annie;) i think you sang "tomorrow" quite a bit back then too! what fun memories.
i'm glad you updated your blog-such a great way to stay in touch!