Wednesday, October 15, 2008

All Boy!!!

My girls are very easy going. They love to play and it is very girly. They love girly movies, girly makeup, girly dress up and anything else girly you could think of.

Donovan on the other hand is ALL BOY! He loves all things boy; trucks, cars, and much to my chagrin guns and bow & arrows.

Papa Jon loves to hunt and was getting ready for his caribou hunting trip in Canada. He asked if we would let Donovan pull the trigger if he was holding onto the gun. He LOVED it!!! He also got a HUGE lecture about gun safety and only touching them if Papa Jon was holding it with him.

Monday Donovan and I went to see Beka and Danny and to look at their wedding pictures. While Beka and Marilyn, her mother, and I looked at the pictures Danny played with Donovan. They went outside to play with Dristy, the dog, they had great fun ringing the doorbell and running (you know, typical boy stuff). Danny came in and asked if it was ok for Donovan to be with him while he shot his bow & arrow. Donovan loved putting balloons on the target and having Danny pop them. Can't you just imagine the look on Donovan's face watching Danny with that big bow & arrow? He was very excited to hold the quiver with the extra arrows in it.

(We had been to the fire station that same day with Donovan's pre-k class. He loves that fireman's hat.)


Marie said...

Umm, yeah, my kids have been called all boy but HOLY COW!!

Start 'em young, eh?

Nicki said...

Are you SURE its a good idea to give HIM such things to do? I'm kidding! Wow!

Megan and Sean said...

And I won't even buy my kids plastic swords at the end of Pirates of the Caribbean.....I guess I should loosen up a little bit... ;)