Monday, December 22, 2008

Decorating the tree (and the cemetery)!

This year we have been able to get ready for Christmas before Christmas eve. The last 2 years we were in the hospital until the day before, so putting up a tree and decorating it has been a last minute thing. Pulling all of the ornaments out of the attic was a task. Kiara and Donovan argued just a little but it was only over who was going to put Savannah's ornaments on the tree, in the end they decided to take turns.

Instead of our usual star on the tree, Kiara and Donovan wanted to put up an angel for Savannah. We went to Walmart to buy one, we were a little disappointed that they didn't have a pink one but gold was a good second best. Kiara picked out the angel and Donovan was able, with the help of Daddy, to put it on.

Santa hats are always a big thing at our house, we found out we have way to many, even if Savannah were still here. We alway take a picture of the kids wearing one in front of the tree. Lady, of course, had to be in the picture.

Saturday my brother, Sean, and his girlfriend, Jessie, came with their kids for a visit. They are moving soon to Arizona and wanted to come see Savannah before they left. I met them there and drove my van through about 8 inches of snow, I wasn't about to park on the road and walk in. (Brian said this was reason enough for us to get snowshoes this winter, he said "nothing" was going to stop him from seeing his daughter.) I am so thankful for studded snow tires and all-wheel drive!

The teachers at school sent down the pink Christmas tree to the hospital 2 years ago for Savannah. Last year it was set up in the girls room. We asked Kiara if she wanted it set up again and she said she wanted to bring it to Savannah instead. We took the lights off and brought it to the cemetery.

Corey, from Rocky Hill Landscape, made the kissing ball, she decorated it with a pink ribbon and put pink flowers and pearls in it too. Someone also brought up an angel. Annaset brought her jingle bells decorated with pink crowns and ribbon.


Megan and Sean said...

Wow, I can't wait to see Savannah's painting in person! Love the tree's! The kissing ball is so cute with pink. Can you believe I didn't know until this year they were called kissing balls?? Can't wait to see you guys on Christmas Eve!

Naomi said...

I love you guys!!! I just read through your posts and cried. You have such a wonderful family and I am so glad you have had such support. We pray for you and think of you often. We hope you have the merriest of Christmas'! We love you!

Naomi, Art, and Hyrum

Zanna said...

I read your words and feel comfort because even though our stories are somewhat different, there are so many similarities.

This is our first Christmas in two years too, of setting up the tree early. Yesterday when we went to see Jenna, we played the wiggles, hiked over a four foot snow hill from all of the plowing, and waded through knee high snow to get to her special place. We put a wreath very similiar to Savannah's and made a vow to get snow shoes soon! We have a little pink girly girl tree at home for Jenna next to our regular tree.

Anyways, thinking of our girls this season, our pink princesses. By the way, I LOVE the picture of Savannah. It reminds me of the beautiful picture I have in my head from when we went back to Barbara Bush last year and saw you both there. Savannah looked so pretty with her pixie hair. I guess we just missed seeing you the other day. We went up to deliver some gifts and heard you were up there recently too. I saw a pretty princess painted on one of the room windows and thought of Savannah's princess room that she stayed in during her many stays.

Wishing you peace and many angel hugs over the holidays.


Sherryann said...

Merry Christmas, Hurley's!! Melissa, it was so good to see you the other day. The kids look wonderful in their Santa hats, and Savannah's pink tree and kissing ball are perfect. I wish you and your family much peace and love through the new year.
Sherry, CNA BBCH