Wednesday, September 24, 2008

One of many firsts

Every September Papa Jon and Nanny rent a cottage on Popham Beach. We all go for a day and spend it with the rest of the extended family. We eat, walk the beach, eat, play games, play in the water, walk the beach, oh yeah, and eat!

Every year we always do a family picture on the beach. (Another one of Savannah's requests is that Lady, her bear, take her place in all family pictures.)

At first I didn't want to go; Savannah loved going to Popham. She would play in the water, run on the beach and write LOVE in the sand about every 5 feet. I knew this would be a hard "first" for us.

Kiara and Donovan had a great time. They would run from the waves, screaming all the way. Donovan would stand just far enough away and shake his bottom at the waves (teasing them, I suppose). Kiara actually got wet this year, usually the water is too cold. Because of the hurricane that weekend the water was warmer.

Kiara and Daddy wrote a message in the sand for Savannah. Just as they finished it a wave came and took it out to the ocean. Kiara decided that it was taking it to Savannah.

Auntie Gail went on a walk with us. Errol, her husband, died just a short while before Savannah also of cancer. He loved to walk the beach too.

The waves were extremely high also due to the hurricane. They came up over where high tide usually stops. It was a little scary with the kids near the water but great for taking pictures. I think I took somewhere around 300, just of the water. Many more of the kids.


Betsey said...

those are beautiful pictures, love the writing in the sand that was nice too.

Nicki said...

I, too, Love these photos, and I love to hear about all the little things that mean so much.

Marie said...

Beautiful pictures, I love that Kiara wrote in the sand to Savannah! I'm sure she saw it.