Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Backing up-Planting flowers

On September 1st, one month after Savannah died, we took Kiara and Donovan to the cemetery to plant flowers for her. One of the many requests Savannah made before she died.

We planted 6 pink tulips, 6 pink hyacinths, and 2 pink lilies.

Kiara and Donovan loved digging in the dirt and planting something pretty for Savannah. She loved pretty pink things. They were very proud of the work they had done. They even wanted to go back the next day to see if anything had grown yet.

One of Savannah's crowns is stuck in the dirt at the head of the grave. The ribbons say "Princess Savannah" and "Princess is home." These are our markers until we can afford to by her headstone.

The Sunday after the funeral Donovan left Savannah a little lizard. He was always moving it around on the grave, he just couldn't find the perfect spot for it. One day when we went there I could tell that something was bothering him about the lizard, I asked him if he wanted to take it home and he said "YES", I told him it was fine. When we brought it home he wanted to paint it pink. We found some pink spray paint and painted it. He then wanted to bring it back to Savannah. Apparently he really just wanted to have it pink for her. Every time we go to visit he makes sure that it is still in the same spot where he left it (he hasn't moved it once since we brought it back).

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Marie said...

I can hardly wait for the flowers to come up, and not just cuz I don't like snow!! ;-)