Monday, June 8, 2009

Princess Savannah's Court

A couple of years ago Christine, Miss Harrington to the kids, organized a Relay for Life team in honor of Savannah. It is called Princess Savannah's Court.
This years theme was a Luau. We had the idea to make candy lei's to sell at our tent. Between the Jones' boys, Nicki and her kids and Kiara, Donovan and I, we made over 100 lei's. Dustin made a great salesman! He even sent some of the other kids walking around selling them to the people walking around the track. I had a hard time watching the Survivors lap but the kids loved walking the Kid's care lap. Kiara wanted to carry Lady as she walked.As we were walking around the track and the sun was setting the sky turned pink. Everyone we passed said that it was Savannah letting us know she was there. At 10 pm they turned all of the lights off and lit all of the Luminary bags that were placed around the track. Every bag represents a person. The in honor ones represent people who are currently battling cancer or who have survived cancer. The in memory ones are people who have passed away from cancer. Kiara and Donovan wanted to decorate their own bags for Savannah. I printed off a picture to put on hers from Mommy and Daddy. Looking at all of them lit is so beautiful but also very humbling. Hearing Savannah's name read on the list of non survivors was really hard. I had lots of people there to support me and overall it was a very good night! Thank you, Christine. I am so glad you love my daughter enough to honor her memory in this way!


Anonymous said...

So lovely and precious.

becca said...

that is really neat. i hope you are all doing well. i found your blog through megan's blog. by the way i love christine harrington, she is one of the sweetest people ever. tell her i say hello next time you see her!

becca (lawler) kearl